• In the beginning of June 1971 I was born in Praha-Podolí and so I am gemini and therefore I am used to be unstable as gas because gemini is the sign of air.
  • Between years 1985 and 1989 I studied at grammar school Budějovická with fun.
  • In 1994 I graduated from control engineering at electrotechnical faculty of Czech Technical University in Prague.
  • In autumn 1995 I established theatre group Divadlo Daniela Ekarta, which succesfully performed its first play "Death knocks on your door". Play is actually story by Woody Allen written in form of dialog between producer of clothes Nat Ackerman and his personal death.
  • In spring 1996 this theatre group renamed to Divadlo Akát and started its season by performance in lower hall of protestant church in Praha-Nusle in so called "Underground". The whole performance we named "Woody Allen's Night" and consisted of two plays: "Dead knocks on your door" and "Defence of Allen". Defence of Allen we played also on performance of theatre groups of young protestants from Prague in December of the same year.
  • In the beginning of December 1997 theatre Akát introduced its new play "Big Boss", which is inspired by same named story of Woody Allen. This play was performed on show of theatre groups of young protestants from Prague in protestant church in Praha-Strašnice, which is named from this time "Saint crazy people". Except play "Big Boss" our theatre group showed also short play from russian writer and dramatist Daniil Charms "Complete medical examination".
  • In year 1998 theatre Akát studied more than one hour long play "Old Women" inspired by the same named story of Daniil Charms. The act of play is situated to the era of Stalin's holocaust in Russia. It is actually the feeling of the end of author's life. The play had premiere in protestant church in Praha-Braník on the show "Saint crazy people".
  • In year 1999 on "Saint crazy people" we showed new play by D. Charms "The first sin and the creation of goodness and evil".
  • From August 1999 till February 2000 I worked on project for Roche in Basle (Switzerland) as IT specialist for Remedy products (currently BMC Software).
  • One year later theatre Akát staged in Rokycany and performed again play „Stařena“ and from the second half of year 2000 this theatre group stopped its public performance and majority of its members became part of theatre Marvin.
  • In spring of the same year I purchased new camera Canon EOS 300 and I started regurallrly taking pictures. New shots I took at theatre and music festivals like Mezi ploty (Between Fences) and Jimramov. Except this I enjoyed taking pictures on my journeys, in nature and in cities.
  • In year 2001 I started painting of pictures and so I returned to my hobby from my childhood. I was used to go to studio of visual arts. In July 2002 I took apart on concentration training of Free Assosiation of Amateurs VOSA from Louny which was held in Železný Brod.
  • In September 2002 I visited for the first time Festival in Lipnice nad Sázavou with friends. I was fascinated by music and theatre performance there. In this year I was happy to manage two exhibitions of my photos. The first one took apart in cinema Aero in April and the second one called "In summer, in fly" was held in autumn in Café Na půl cesty.
  • From year 2003 I organized trips for Club Traveller.
  • In July 2004 I visited with travel agency Geops French part of Brittany s.c. Bretagne and in autumn of the same year I arranged exhibition of my photos from this journey in Club in Jelení.
  • In April 2005 I visited my relatives in England in their new house in Bar Hill and found out more about area surrounding Cambridge.
  • In May 2005 I arranged two journeys to abroad and it was Big roundtrip in Italy with travel agency Inex and then I went to Austria with travel agency S.E.N. to ride on bikes along the river Inn with my friends.
  • In August 2005 I travelled to Switzerland for short time after five years in order to visit my friend there and I was happy that I visited for the first time Genève by train.
  • In December 2006 I became member of vocal group Geshem for very short time, but I cooperated with this vocal group on arranging their concerts in two prostestant churches in Praha. In February 2007 there was held concert in Branik's protestant church and in March 2007 there was concert in protestant church in Praha-Nusle (watch the show of live videorecording from the concert of Geshem at Czech-brethren church in Praha-Nusle). More about Afro-American spirituals you will find on www.spiritualy.cz.
  • In May 2009 I travelled with my father for the first time to Provence, the paradise of painters. Our guide in Provence was travel agency Geops. Look at the pictures from this journey.
  • On 9th January 2011 I visited for the first time the second year of small festival of author's achievements of Braník's protestant church members and friends called BraníXobě.
  • In April 2011 I spent Three days in Paris with my father. Our guide was travel agency Inex.
  • On 20th May 2011 I took part on concert of vocal choir Aargauer Vokalisten called "Himmelfahrt" on invitation of my old friend Thomas Graf in Aarau (Switzerland). For more information about this journey to Switzerland read the following reportage, please.
  • In March and May 2012 I am travelling to London in order to visit after long time my relatives there and to spend the time in this beautiful megapolis and also to have for the first time opportunity to visit its galleries of contemporary and traditional art like Tate Modern Gallery, National Gallery and British Museum. For more information about these two journeys to London look up my two photo galleries in section My journeys.
  • In October 2014 I started development of software dedicated to store and support process of selling best photos to photobanks and other subjects. More information about this software you will find on following website.

Nicknames: Descartes, Dekárt, Acacia, Eky and also Pikeperch

Hobbies: photography, travelling, visual art, computer science, theatre, music

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